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I Help People Reshape Their Way of Thinking and Build Residual Income

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Kymberly Caldwell
Founder & CEO at Faith Girl and Black Girls Build Residual Income

I relied on one income stream for most of my life UNTIL I lost my job six years ago. While it was actually the best day of my life, I had to start over from ground zero.

You CAN NOT place all of your eggs in one basket. Now I am a mouthpiece for multiple income streams, specifically residual and leveraged income opportunities that can help you and others.

The statistics haven't changed....70% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck


Start your journey to residual income with these options! We have a variety of ways to get started, so you can find the best way to achieve your residual income goals. With options ranging from online marketing to traditional business opportunities, we have something for everyone. Click the link below to learn more and start your journey today!

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